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1999 / 106 mins / DCP 2K & 35 mm colour / ratio 1,66 / sound stéréo / fiction

This evening, they have decided to meet up at their school to devise together the project for a stage show whose theme - or pretext - is the city of Strasbourg itself.

But they soon come up against a number of problems. What story should they tell? How should they build it up? How is it possible to stage a show without the back-up of a text and characters that already exist?  How can they pool the different elements that each one of them has gathered on the city? How can they transfigure reality to bring fiction to life? And how can they work together - all fifteen of them! - when they have decided to do without the exterior gaze of a director?

All these questions incite each one of them to talk about his or her relationship with the city, politics, utopia, the theatre…

And all these questions reflect - as in a mirror - the director's own approach in a film that candidly sets off in search of its own subject…

At dawn, nothing has changed or almost.

Who knows?